1. Preface

Today, OSS and its related activities have become indispensable to companies that provide value in software. Large numbers of OSS are also utilized in the Company’s products and services, and the Employees have increasing opportunities for OSS-related activities both in business and private life.

The primary purpose of this policy is to support the Company and the Employees so that OSS-related activities can be carried out without imposing a significant burden. For that purpose, the OSPO shall set forth matters concerning copyrights, patent rights and trademark rights of the Company, the Employees, or others.

The second purpose of this policy is to set forth provisions necessary for the Company to be a good member of the open source community. For the second purpose, the OSPO shall set forth a policy on dealing with license breaches and an obligation to report bugs of other OSS found by the Employees.

This policy is set forth only for licenses, but there are many other related works to OSS, such as community support. Although the related works are prescribed separately, the goals of this policy are “to support OSS-related activities by the Company and the Employees” and “to make the Company a good member of the open source community” and they shall be thoroughly shared by such related works.